Sifens, at the service of development

Sifens, consider it done!

Sifens, a major actor at your side

Sifens, a professional of Oil & Gas


Unique and multidisciplinary integrator:

  • Complex projects management
  • Development of appropriate partnerships: local partnerships, business groups
  • Proposal for contractual models according to projects: EPC, IPP
  • Intervention in the whole or a part of the value chain: audit and studies, works, maintenance and operating, training
  • Support of consultancy firms, national experts and local resources for quality « turn-key » projects.

What are commitments upon which our relation is based?

Our commitments

Investing in the future

Partnerships have been established with local schools in order to train.

Making our collaborators progress

Our strong policy. SST, M7, M30, M31, HOV-BOV, defensive driving, equipment,

Protecting and making our teams feel safe

Continuation of the HSE programme on the 10 essentials throughout the country and training of the personnel about the respect of HSE rules.

Developing local entrepreneurship

We are working and permanently looking for local businesses and suppliers.

What do we do?

Our activities

Multidisciplinary integrator

Complex projects management


We contribute to create infrastructures as far as energies, transport, digital and hydraulic purposes are concerned. Reliable, modern and lasting.

City development ...

We contribute to the development of cities and communities: innovating solutions, tailor-made services … for safe, connecting and energy-saving cities.

Facilities Management

We contribute to make buildings smart, comfortable and efficient by inregrating innovating technical and technological solutions by proposing tailor-mades services, by optimising energy mix.

Oil & gas Industry

We accompany our industrial clients in developing comprehensive solutions, in sophisticated turn-key solutions ... in order combine reliability, availability and performance.


Photovoltaic solar energy comes from the transformation of sunlight into electricity in semiconducting materials like silicon or covered with thin metallic layer.

To whom can we rely on in order to accompany us in our projects?

Some of our partners

How to train and invest for future?

Our 10 essentials

100% of safe and formalised hospitality

100% of DANGERS reported, 100% of ALERTS handled

100% of harness users trained

100% of BIG DISPLACEMENTS anticipated, 100% of BREAKS respected

100% of HANDLING with appropriate means


100% of EPI put

100% of REQUEST FOR DEPOSIT formalised, NO INTERVENTION without checking lack of tension

100% of AREA and WORKSTATIONS secured


Where are we located?

We are currently located in Côte d'Ivoire and in Congo

Should you write us a note?

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